Bowls and Trays

We strive to make our serving pieces as interesting as the food they display. No two pieces are exactly alike and make a statement with or without food.

We make bowls of all sizes and shapes...the price range is $95.00 for a mini scoop -through various styles - frilly, pasta, soups, salads - these are priced from $95 to $300. We make larger bowls of different styles and colors. People use them for vegetables, mashed potatoes, popcorn, plants or just on a table by itself looking interesting. The price range is $500 to $1,200.

Our trays are round, sort of round, almost round, oval, sort of oval and almost oval, and square, and square and round and oval with a side....etc. Prices for these "creations" are $95 to $450.



Ian and Jo Lydia Craven
Handbuilt Porcelain
1896 Old Field Creek Road
Grassy Creek, North Carolina 28631
(336) 982-4460
(800) 764-2402
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