"Of course my meals are served to me on Craven Handbuilt Porcelain, aren't everybody's?"

Art for Your Table

Our dinnerware and serving pieces are, happily for us, world renowned. We have had great fun over the past years working with lots of people - helping them arrive at the perfect look and size of dinnerware to suit their particular life style.

The dinnerware and serving pieces come in a great variety of colors and shapes. We encourage you to phone us at 1-800-764-2402  or contact any of our representatives to discuss styles and prices and availability. We try to have a good selection of dinner plates, salad and dessert plates, soup bowls etc. on hand. We will also do a Bridal Registry.

Whether yours is a dream or reality, if you are looking for one piece or a place setting for 24 - we welcome your interest in our work.




Ian and Jo Lydia Craven
Handbuilt Porcelain
1896 Old Field Creek Road
Grassy Creek, North Carolina 28631
(336) 982-4460
(800) 764-2402
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